The Garage KL, Gaffe & Co.

Hello guys,

On  May 31st, my friend (Jannah) and me went to search for a good dinner. So at first we went to the Wood & Steel, but after we arrived, the kitchen order already close as early as 11pm. Blunt–we search for new places and suddenly thought that probably we should try ‘The Garage KL’ located near Ampang which is very near to where we stay. We were rushing because we did not know what time it is close, and luckily it still open! YAY!

The first impression was that the place looks very indie-hispter like. The shop was made out of contenna and there are other open shops that sells clothes and items near the restaurant. The service was awesome, they treated us nicely and we were lucky that they still accept orders cause we actually came late at 11.20pm where the last call for kitchen orders close at 11.30pm.

I snapshot some of their Instagram post since i don’t have some of the pictures to show you guys. But–Make sure you follow them on Instagram! okay?



We Ordered Beef Pepperoni Pizza (RM 20) , a main course of sirloin with buttery mustard, Green Tea Milkshakes and a cup of cappuccino. Total of RM 77. The pizza is not that bad, however the sirloin can be improved. 3.5/5 Stars! Not bad!

There are also couple of pictures i took earlier few days before i went out with Jannah. I went to this restaurant with a friend to try their desserts.We bought brownies  served with vanilla ice cream, specialty drink, and a pizza. Mineral water are free, they already provides it on top of the table for you to drink. Brownies was absolutely delicious, not too sweet; so it doesn’t makes us full that early.

The specialty drinks *i forgot the name* It looks great from the appearance, the sugary candies and caramel was a sweet tooth for us. However, the drinks was incapable to wow us because it tasted like something weird(i can’t explain what). The pizza however was amazing, i love this pizza more than the pepperoni pizza i had with Jannah. Overall the deserts deserve a 3/5 stars! Pizza is just Perfect! 5 out of 5 stars.



The Garage KL, Gaffe & Co.

Opening Hour : 12 PM until 12 AM

IG: @GaffecoffeeWebsite:

Purpose: Garage, PopUp Store, Event Space in Ulu Klang.

Address: Jalan Hillview, Taman Sri Ukay, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Waze: The Garage KL

Contact:📱 +60193805277 (Shaz)          or                Email:



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